A Moment's Peace

This quest you’ll pick up from Vilgund, an Oseram in Meridian. Apparently there’s a Banuk village in the far north where the Machines are docile and non-threatening, and he wants you to check it out. So head up to the village, which will likely be quite a distance away from anywhere you’ve explored so far, so grab a mount if you can.

When you get to the camp, talk to the Banuk around you, but especially Tikuk, who’s beside the downed Thunderjaw. Once you’ve talked to all the Banuk you can, use your Focus to scan the cliffs that rise up at the back of the camp to find a strange signal source. Once you find it, head up the stairs and climb up the mountain.

When you get there, you’ll find a bunch of Oseram who have already found the signal source, and also damaged it in their attempts to dig it up. Scan it with your Focus to find out that the signal that’s keeping the Machines in check is about to stop, and they’re about to attack. Head back down the mountain path until you reach the point where the Glinthawks were, there’s a branch you can rappel from and get down the mountainside a lot quicker. When you land in the camp, the machines will be attacking, and you’ll have everything from Watchers to Ravagers to deal with, so keep your wits about you and help the Banuk take down all the wayward Machines.

When the machines are dead, speak to Tikuk, then head back to Meridian and speak to Vilgund.


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