Ancient Vessels

Special ceremonial vessels of the Old Ones, or just old mugs? Either way, they’re valuable to you, so here’s a full rundown of where to find all the Ancient Vessels. As with most of the other collectibles, you can buy a map from vendors to help you find them and then trade them with special vendors when you get complete sets.


Set 1


Cup 1 - West of Meridian near a Sawtooth site. The cup itself is behind a small ruined wall just southwest of the Sawtooth Site.


Cup 2 - In the southwest of Devil’s Thirst, overlooking the river that runs through the area.


Cup 3 - Near the Bandit Camp in Devil’s Thirst. It’s just west of the bridge that sits north of the camp.


Cup 4 - Again, near the Bandit Camp in Devil’s Thirst. This time, follow the road that leads south away from the camp and it’ll be in a debris pile beside the road.


Set 2


Cup 1 - To the western side of Devil’s Grief. Just follow the road that leads west out of the area and it’ll be beside the road.


Cup 2 - Again in Devil’s Grief, this time it’s near the centre of the area, just off a path that leads westwards.


Cup 3 - Once more in Devil’s Grief, except the southern part of it within the walls of a ruined building.


Cup 4 - Near to the Shattered Kiln Bandit Camp, just off the path that runs northwest past the camp.


Set 3


Cup 1 - This one is simple to find as it’s in the bottom of the quarry where you save Olin from the Cultists.


Cup 2 - Found in the Maker’s End area, just north of the bonfire that sits nearest the area.


Cup 3 - In the area called Dimmed Bones, it will be just to the right of the path as you enter the area.


Cup 4 - Another one in Maker’s End, this time just to the right of the path as you make your way north through the area, just before you bump into the Deathbringer.


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