Bandit Camps

All around the game world there are Bandit Camps, full of aggressive human enemies that you can clear out by killing them all. Once you clear out a camp, you’ll unlock a merchant and fast travel point as well as being able to raid their treasure hoard.

The camps are very similar in structure, although will differ in recommended levels. There will be snipers on guard towers around the edges of the camps, with melee and ranged soldiers within, along with at least one Elite enemy too. Your best bet for the camps is to sneak in, shoot the alarm so they can’t call in help from other camps, free the two prisoners that are always in every camp, then just get their attention and kill them as they come. There’s a lot of cover around to keep yourself and the prisoners you free will fight with you.

Once you clear all the camps, you’ll unlock a final quest with Nil, your camp killer buddy.


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