Banuk Figures

Much like the Ancient Vessels, these figures can be collected to trade with special vendors, except these require a little more climbing. There is also a purchaseable map to help you find the general area they are located in.


Set 1


Figure 1 - Northeast of the Devil’s Thirst Bandit Camp you’ll find a mountain with paintings all over it, climb up to the top of that area to find the figure.


Figure 2 - Found near the village of Hunter’s Gathering. Find the pole that’s in the northwest corner and climb that then climb the wall behind it. Once you’re back on a walkable ledge, keep heading up and around the mountain until you find the figure.


Set 2

Figure 1 - Located east of the Banuk camp in the mountains. If you have the map showing the locations, you’ll need to go to the very bottom of the circle that shows the area where the figure is. There you’ll find the bottom of the climbing route you need to take. At the top will be the figure.


Figure 2 - This figure is west of Meridian. Head to the campfire that’s closest west of Meridian. Once there, don’t go down the cliff, instead find the rope that leads over to the platform to save you the climb up.


Set 3

Figure 1 - This is almost directly west of the bonfire south of Sunfall. Find the painted rock then follow the climbing route up to the figure.


Figure 2 - This figure is due west of the Shellwalker site south Pitchcliff. Find the markings on the base of the slope then follow it up to the final figure.


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