Death From the Skies

You’ll pick this one up from a dying man in the north east of the desert, next to the river. He’ll tell you that the town of Pitchcliff is under attack from Glinthawks. Head there, and when you arrive, sure enough, there’s Glinthawks abound. Use whatever tactics you want to take them out and when they’re all down, head into the town and climb up to talk to the Mayor of the town.

Once the conversation is over, drop down to the town again then take a right behind the building you were just on to find Shahavad trying to turn off a Machine lure. Talk to him then once you’re done, head up the mountain pass towards your waypoint. Along the way you’ll pass through a Glinthawk site, so either fight or flee them and carry on. Continue following the path to the scavenger's tent then keep going up the mountain.

The next part needs some creative climbing. Leap onto the cliff then follow it to the left as far as you can go, then jump onto the opposite wall, climb up, then jump again back to the original wall and up over the ledge. When you get over the top there will be a couple of Longlegs, take them out and carry on. Lightning damage works well against them, especially against their canisters, so bear that in mind.

With them down, head right and zipline over to the next area which has two Watchers and a Bellowback. Again, fight or avoid them and keep going. At the next section you’ll find a Stormbird has been attracted by the lures. You can do one of three things - either sneak past the Stormbird and disable the lures, kill it or override it then take out the lures at your leisure. If you decide to fight it, remember to use Lightning resistance potions and also the Ropecaster is your best friend here. Once you’ve dealt with the situation, investigate the abandoned workshop then return to the mayor of Pitchcliff for your reward. There’s a rappel point just down the slope to the left from the workshop that will make getting back a lot faster.


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