Fatal Inheritance

Talk to Ranaman, who is in the village under Meridian, to start this quest. Head for his family estate where some Machines will have taken it over. These will comprise of a few Watchers and a Ravager. Your best course of action is to take out the Watchers with stealth, then take on the Ravager. Best Ravager tactics are to immediately hit it with a Tearblast arrow or two to pull off its gun, then pick up the gun and kill it with its own weapon.


When all the Machines are down, use your Focus to scan the closed building opposite the main house, then when you find the object inside, head around the back to climb up the wall and get inside. Once inside, investigate the device to shut it off then head out the door that opens from the inside. Go to the main house and find Daradi. Let her out of the room she was hiding in and talk to her. Ranaman will show up with another device to attract Machines, this time some Glinthawks, which will kill him. You need to take out the Glinthawks, but thankfully they’re not too tricky. The easiest way is to hit them in the Freeze sac under their throats with a Tearblast arrow. When this detonates it’ll knock them out of the sky for an easy kill with a critical hit. Rinse and repeat until they’re all dead.  

Talk to Daradi and that’ll be this quest done and dusted.


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