Getting the Shield-Weaver Armour

The Shield-Weaver Armour is the best armour in the game, for very good reason. It provides you with a protective, recharging, energy shield that can take a lot of punishment before failing. It makes you almost impervious to most kinds of damage, allowing you to wade into fights that would otherwise be deadly. How to get this armour though? Well, for that you need to find 5 power cells, the locations of which are below.


Power Cell 1

The first power cell you can find is in the Ruins Aloy falls into when she’s a child. Return there as an adult and retrace your path back through the area until you hit a closed door you can pry open. Do so, then keep going back through the area and you’ll get to a staircase, go up it and on your right is a doorway blocked with stalctites. Break them with your spear and go through to get the Powercell.


Power Cell 2

This Power Cell is found inside All-Mother, and is only accessible either after the Proving quest where you wake up here injured, or much later in the game during the Heart of the Nora quest. If you’re doing the former, after you get your equipment from the room and have talked to Teersa, cross the hall towards a locked door. Beside it will be an accessible ventilation duct, go through that to find a room with the Power Cell.


Power Cell 3

The third Power Cell is located at the very, very top of the Maker’s End ruins. Once you get to Faro’s office, climb up the spire above the lift to find this Cell.


Power Cell 4

This is probably the simplest of all of these to find as the game practically drops it in your face. It’s located in the Grave-Hoard. Once you’ve completed the puzzle that requires you to reset 3 sequence locks, head through the door and the Cell will be right in your path.




Power Cell 5

This last one is a touch trickier to find, but still nothing too difficult. It’s in GAIA Prime, where you go to as part of The Mountain That Fell questline. Once you’ve talked to Sylens in his workshop and opened the door, head down stairs to where you come outside again. There will be a rappel point in front of you, go down it then hang a left and climb up the cliffs there towards an open door into the bunker again. Inside there will be a dead end and the last Power Cell.

Once you’ve got all the cells, activate the Ancient Armoury quest and head for the bunker there. Upon arriving, climb up to it, then drop down and swim into the armoury. Complete the simple puzzles on both sides and tada, you’ll have the best armour in the game. Have fun not dying!


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