Greatrun Hunting Grounds

These Grounds are down near the Daytower fort. It’s all about stamina and speed, but these challenges are actually a lot of fun.



This pace trial has you running against the clock, and some Glinthawks, to loot 3 Watcher corpses. It seems simple, and it is, but the tricky part is avoiding conflict with the Glinthawks and getting knocked down during your run. Avoiding fighting, and any attacks, as much as possible and keep your eye on the prize and you should be fine.


Parts Wrangling

This next challenge will require you to have a Ropecaster, but you can buy one from the Merchant. Ropecasters are secretly one of the best weapons in the game - not due to the damage they do, but because they allow you to immobilise otherwise quick or powerful enemies. For this challenge, you need to tie down 2 Tramplers, then shoot off their processing units, which are on their bellies. If you’re using a standard Ropecaster it’ll take 4 rope shots before you bring it down, and all the while, other Tramplers will be trying to attack you, so being fast and efficient in your attacks is crucial. As soon as it goes down, either use Precision arrows or Hardpoint arrows to shoot the processor then immediately go for another one. If you do that, you should get the blazing sun alright.


Tie Down

This Trial has you tying down Glinthawks then Critical Striking them when they’re struggling to break free. The ropecaster doesn’t have a particularly long range so you need to make sure you get close before firing. The easiest way to do that is to just start a fight with the Glinthawks then tie them down as they come closer to try to get into combat with you. Each Glinthawk will take 2 ropes to bring down, then the game may not immediately give you the option to critical hit them, so stick close and be patient, then hit them as soon as it prompt comes up. You’re unlikely to get a chance to hit any Glinthawk twice, so as soon as you get the hit on the first one, move on to the next. Watch out for Tramplers coming out of left field and hitting you when you’re not looking.


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