Honor the Fallen

This one you pick up from the Red Priest Namman in Meridian. Your task is to aid people from the various tribes pay their respects to the fallen in the Carja Red Raids.


There are three locations you need to go to:


  • The Shrine of Kings

Head for your waypoint marker then talk to the Oseram Pilgrim once you get there. You’ll find out that a priest won’t let him and others into the Shrine. So it’s up to you to convince him otherwise. Talk to the priest and choose how you want to convince him to step aside. Once he does that’s this section done.


  • Sun’s Climb

Head down into the Jungles near Meridian to find Sun’s Climb. When you get there you’ll need to climb to the top, but there’s a snag, 3 Glinthawks have also taken up residence there. Kill them all to proceed. As usual, best practice is either to Ropecast them down or Tearblast their Freeze Sacs then critical them when they’re down. However you do it, take them out then climb to the top to talk to Timik to complete this section. There’s also a Metal Flower up here so make sure you grab that!

  • The Lake Shrine

Last but not least is the Lake Shrine, not far from the Sun’s Climb. When you get there you’ll have two Snapmaws to deal with. Hit the top of their heads with a Tearblast arrow to take off the armour on the blaze canisters, then hit the canisters with fire arrows for easy big damage. Mop up their remaining health however you want, Blast Bombs are a favourite, then talk to the Utaru Pilgrim to finish this last section.


When you’ve been to all three locations, head back to Meridian and talk to Nammam to finish the quest.


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