Hunting for the Lodge

You’ll get this quest from the first Hunting Lodge you visit. The first part of this quest is simple enough, get at least 3 half suns from Hunting Lodge Trials. If you look at our Hunting Lodge Trial guide section, we’ll be able to make sure you get far more than that. When you’ve got the pre-requisite badges, head for the Lodge headquarters in Meridian and talk to Ligan.

Once the conversation is over, go upstairs and talk to Ahsis, who will reluctantly point you in the direction of Talanah to be your new mentor in the ways of the Lodge. When you finish talking to her she’ll send you off to pick up various hunting trophies from Machines around the area. Luckily, the map will show you which Machine sites you can go to to find the Machines that you need trophies from. The first lot are: Sawtooths, Ravagers and Stalkers. These are all tricky customers, but with some smart fighting you shouldn’t have too much trouble bringing them down. With Ravagers concentrate on ripping off their guns then turning them against them. Much the same can be said about Stalkers, but the most important part here is to get rid of the stealth ability. With Sawtooths, your best tactic is to hit the Blaze canister for big damage then use blast wires to finish it off.

Once you have all the trophies, head back to the Lodge and talk to Ahsis, who will begrudgingly give you your reward. Finishing this quest will also unlock the Hunter’s Blind Sidequest.


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