Luck of the Hunt

You’ll pick this one up from Taim in Mother’s Crown. He’s lost his ring and also needs 4 boar skins, no problem. Follow your waypoint to the area where his ring might be. There will be a herd of Grazers as well as a couple of Watchers around, so take out or avoid them at your discretion. When you’re ready, activate your Focus to find Taim’s tracks, then the dead boar that they lead to. Search the boar and you’ll find his ring.

Once you’ve got the ring, follow the other waypoint marker to the are where you can find a multitude of boars to hunt, and also a couple of Sawtooths patrolling. Now you can fight the Sawtooths at your discretion, although the easiest way to deal with them is to Override one, then let them duke it out as you hunt the boars. When you have all the skins, return to Taim for your reward.


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