Metal Flowers

The metal flowers are scattered around the world for reasons that your quests will later reveal, but they can also be traded with a special merchant! As with the Figures and Vessels, you can buy a map to help you find these.


Mark 1

  • A - In a room accessible by breaking stalactites in the Ruins you fell into as a child.

  • B - This flower is to the northwest west of Mother’s Heart, up a long climbing route into the mountain area.

  • C - In a clearing beside an abandoned lodge direct West from the Nora Hunting Lodge

  • D -To the east of the Devil’s Thirst area, up into the hills beside an abandoned settlement.

  • E - Behind some ruined walls just off the path that heads southwest out of Devil’s Grief

  • F - In the Ruins that the Ancient Armory quest takes place in, just to the left as you swim into the entrance

  • G - In the southeast of Devil’s Grief beside the river, right underneath the icon on your map.

  • H - Just off the path to the Grave Hoard, between the path and the river

  • I - In the trees just south of Hunter’s Gathering.

  • J - In a small gulley on a mountainside on the way towards DayTower


Mark 2

  • A - Southeast of Free Heap in the hills guarded by some Scrappers

  • B - To the northeast of Daytower there’s a lake with Snapmaws in it and an island in the centre, the flower is on the island

  • C - Just north of Lone Light. Follow the path out of town and it’ll be on your left

  • D - In the mountains north of Sunfall. You’ll need to climb up to a plateau that is guarded by Glinthawks.

  • E - Just to the north of the Thunderjaw site that lies to the west of Free Heap

  • F - Located in the hills north of the Ravager site that sits some distance south of Pitchcliff

  • G - Follow the path north of Pitchcliff as far as you can to the last Stormbird site, the flower will be on a cliff nearby.

  • H - Located in the Valley of Omens south of Sunfall

  • I - This flower is just south of Dimmed Bones, on a small raised rock near some Glinthawks

  • J - Follow the water’s edge west of Brightmarket to find this flower.


Mark 3

  • A - Just southeast of the Sawtooth site due East of the Spire near Meridian

  • B - Located on the cliffs far east of Meridian, just beside a Glinthawk site.

  • C - Follow the path that leads into the mountains from Daytower, then take the smaller winding path northwards. The flower is at the end of this path.

  • D - West and a little north of Cauldron XI in the trees

  • E - Just south of Meridian, beside a merchant

  • F - Beside the campfire directly south of the Longleg site due south of Meridian

  • G - West of Meridian, between the Longleg and Charger sites

  • H - On the western edge of the lake that the Copper Deeps Tallneck patrols.

  • I - On top of a spire east of Meridian, accessible by a rope walkway. You’ll go to this area during the Honoring the Fallen sidequest.

  • J - Under the bridge south of Lone Light

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