Nora Hunting Grounds

This is the first Hunting Grounds you’ll come across in your travels. The Hunting Grounds act as something similar to in game challenges, and serve to test your various hunting skills, as well as giving you the opportunity to gain some nice rewards. Each Grounds has 3 challenges, with 3 passing grades, Half Sun, Full Sun, and Blazing Sun. Getting a Blazing sun in everything unlocks a special reward.


These Grounds have these challenges:


Parts Trial 

This is an easy one to start off with. The best thing to do is to use a hunting bow as it has the ability to fire quickly and accurately. Rope down to the Grazers. Now you can either set a couple of tripcaster shock wires before hand to take down the Grazers as they begin to run once you fire, or you can just run in firing and chase them around. Either way, so long as you take every shot you can, you shouldn’t have any trouble finishing this trial with full marks.


Logpile Trail

This one has you killing Grazers with the stacked logpiles scattered around the area. It’s a good idea to go down to the hunting grounds before you start the challenges and familiarise yourself with where the log piles are so you don’t get lost when you’re trying to do the challenge. When you start, try to scare the Grazers into the gully in the centre of the area as there are 4 logpiles there you can utilise in quick succession. If it works, you’ll kill more than enough to pass the trial.


Blast Wire Trial

This challenge requires you to have a Tripcaster that can use Blast wires, so a Carja or above. Once you have it, and start the trial, the best thing to do as soon as you land is to set traps at each way the Grazers might potentially run, then make more traps and set them near the herd itself. When you’re ready, scare the herd however you want then keep pace with them. Your traps will undoubtedly get a couple of them but you should be trying to always fire a trap or two in front of the herd as they run. There’s a strong possibility that the Grazers will disperse and walk into one or more of your pre-set traps as you chase the rest of them around. Keep setting traps down in front of them as they run, or try to charge you, and you’ll have it done in no time.


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