Queen's Gambit

This quest immediately follows the Traitor’s Bounty quest. Go talk to Three-Toed Huadiv to start things off. Once the conversation is over, you’ll have Rockbreaker to deal with. These are tough customers, but luckily, there’s an easy way to do this. Instead of dropping into the area where the Rockbreaker is, simply stay on the cliffside and shoot at it from there. This will protect you from it’s underground attacks until you can take out its digging arms and stop it burrowing. There’s also a datapoint to your right, so make sure you get it. As with all Rockbreakers, take out its digging arms first, then go for the blaze on its underside, then if it’s still alive, hit its exhausts.

Once the Rockbreaker is down, go talk to Huadiv again to start the cutscene. When you’re back in control, you’ll need to set down some traps for your pursuers, so drop a few blast wires and blast traps then when that’s done, go to your vantage position. The first wave will only be 3 Cultists, so take them out quickly. After that will be a Cultist with a couple of Corrupted Watchers, more easy pickings.

When they’re dead, go talk to Vanasha to start a cutscene. When it’s over you, with a couple of guards, will be fighting a Corrupted Thunderjaw and some Cultists. Use the usual Thunderjaw tactics of pulling off the disc launchers and hitting the Thunderjaw with them before setting about hitting it in the heart with as many arrows as you can. The blast sling is also not a bad idea.


When it’s down, mop up any remaining Cultists, loot everything, then meet the rest of your party at the boat to complete the quest.


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