This Cauldron is nearby to Daytower fort. Outside it is a group of Watchers, take them out then keep left to drop down into the hole and find the entrance to a cave with bodies scattered around it. Follow this path down and you’ll reach the entrance to the Caldron proper; override it and head inside. Follow the path inside, kill the Watcher, then shoot the glowing green centre of the moving wheel to change its direction then jump and hang onto one of the protrusions to get to the other side.

Once on the other side, head through to the overridable door and pass through it to reach the next section. In here are a number of patrolling Watchers as well as a couple of Ravagers. Ravagers are likely to be a new enemy to you, and they’re nasty. Highly aggressive with weapons at every range, they’re a challenge to take down, so it’s up to you whether you want to tackle them, but if you do, make sure you don’t get overwhelmed. Keep left of the area and use the wheel to move up and reach the bottom of the crates that are passing by above you.

Hang on to this until you’ve got a clear shot at the platform below you then drop down. Move to the overridable node and do so to activate the bridge over to the other side. Use the revolving wheel to get to the waypointed node then override that to shut down the shield to the next area. Head back to the first wheel in the area, the one you jumped onto the bottom of the crates from, and do so again, only this time the shield is down so you can ride it all the way through to the next area.

Drop down on the other side then shoot the center of the horizontal wheel to change the direction then use the stacked crates to climb up to it and ride it around to the other side. Keep going through the corridors until you reach the next room, which will have a few Watchers and an overridable door. Kill the Watchers then head through the door.

You’ll arrive in a new room with multiple patrolling Watchers and a couple of Longlegs for good measure, just to keep you on your toes. Go up the left hand walkway and either sneak or kill your way around it until you reach an overridable node that will extend a bridge over to the centre. There is a patrolling Watcher here so be aware. Override the node in the centre and this will shut down the shield that was blocking off your access to the heart.


Follow your waypoint up the righthand walkway to the twinned revolving gears. Shoot the centre of either to reverse their direction, then grab one of the ledges. Ride it around until you can jump onto the next gear, ride that around then drop down. Follow the path down to the other side of the room then use a running sprint to reach the next walkway. Climb up the marked ledges then follow the path around to the overridable node. Activate the bridge then go through the corridor, drop down into the water then enter the next corridor to come out at the Heart of the Cauldron.

Kill the patrolling Watchers, loot all the containers and pick all the medicinal plants, then override the towers to deactivate the shield and release the Snapmaw. A Ravager will also join in the fight, which makes this one a tough one, but there are a couple of things you can do to make it easier. As soon as you can, use Tearblast arrows to knock the Ravager’s gun off, and also to knock the armour off of the Snapmaw’s Blaze canisters. This will open it up to fire attacks and make it easy to take big chunks of health off.

Hit the canisters with fire attacks and if you can, grab the Ravager’s gun then turn it on the Ravager and Snapmaw to kill them quickly. If you run out of ammo before they go down, use your tripcaster Blast wires. When they’re down, override the Heart and that’s Cauldron RHO complete.


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