Spurflints Hunting Grounds

These Grounds are all about Stealth, so not only will you be doing some sneaking, you’ll be fighting some sneaky enemies too.


Watch Out Trial

This trial has you killing 4 Watchers with silent strikes within a set time limit. Getting a Blazing Sun can be tricky due to how big the area is and how tricky it is to keep track of where other Machines are. Your best bet is to, before you slide down a rope, use your Focus to find and tag 4 Watchers. Now when you rope down, you’ll know exactly where you’re going to find your next target despite it being obscured. With this, you should be able to get them all in under two minutes.


Slight of Crate Trial

This trial will have you stealing from Shell-Walkers’ crates of loot. It’s pretty simple, but if you don’t know where the crates are it can be tricky. They’re found in the hilly area beyond the rocky outcropping that sits in front of the area where the Keeper and Merchant are. The crates are grouped into threes, and you need to loot from four of them without being detected to pass. Luckily the two groups of crates are close together, so once you’ve looted one, just go over the hill next to the group and there the other group will be.


Stalker Kill Trial

Definitely the hardest out of these three trials, you need to kill two Stalkers in a tight time limit. The best tactic is, as soon as you spot one, hit it with a couple of Tearblast arrows to disable as many of its tactical options as possible, then use a ropecaster to tie it down then critical hit it as many times as you can before rinsing and repeating until dead. Throwing down a few blast wires doesn’t hurt either. Just watch out for other Stalkers or Watchers  joining the fight whilst you’re concentrating on taking one down. Follow these tactics though and you should be fine.


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