Sun and Shadow

Talk to Lahavis on the bridge in Brightmarket to start this quest. His daughter has gone missing, and it’s up to you to find her. First things first is to investigate the daughter’s garden. Examine the bottle, spyglass, and shovel to find some tracks to follow. Highlight them and follow the trail to the boathouse. When you get there, investigate the rope, then follow your waypoint and swim over to the island. On the island is the daughter, but also a Snapmaw which you’ll need to take down. Use the usual tactics of blasting off the armour around the blaze canisters then detonating them for big damage.


Once it’s down, go talk to Elida. After the conversation is over, investigate the campsite, then talk to her again to get the truth. Once you have it, head for Atral’s signal fire. Upon getting there, use your Focus to find his tracks and follow them up to Kestrel’s Perch. He’s been captured, so you need to go in there. You’re fighting a bunch of human enemies in close quarters, so the blast sling is a great weapon to use.

When all the Kestrel’s are down, go to Atral in his cell. When the conversation is over, return to Elida in her garden in Brightmarket and tell her the bad news. Make your conversation choices, then, if appropriate, go talk to her father and that’s the quest complete.


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