Sun Furrows Hunting Grounds

The last and easily most difficult of the Hunting Grounds. You’ll have to use your override ability on some powerful Machines to pass these tests.


Ravager vs. Machines Trial

This trial has you either shooting off a Ravager’s gun and killing 2 Machines with it, or overriding one or more of them and having them kill 2 Machines. Whilst overriding them might seem like an easier option, it’s actually not. The unpredictability of the AI means that it’s too difficult to predict whether they’ll get the kills in the time frame. Best tactic is to rope down near one of the Ravagers, shoot its gun off, kill it with the gun then turn the gun on whatever Machine you can (except the Thunderjaw, it’s too strong).


Ravager Control Trial

This trial has you overriding Ravagers to kill the Thunderjaw. Easier said than done sadly. Your time limit is narrow, so efficiency is the name of the game. Rope down to one of the Ravagers, override it and as soon as it’s done, sprint for the other one and repeat.  If you can’t stealth up to the second Ravager, use a ropecaster to pin it down, then override it.  Then, if the other Ravager isn’t fighting the Thunderjaw yet, start a fight with it to get them going for it. Once both the Ravagers are overridden, you can set about killing the Thunderjaw in any way you can within the time limit. Once it’s down, that you complete.


Thunderjaw vs. Ravager Trial

The final trial has you using a Thunderjaw disc launcher on the Ravagers. Again, time is short, so efficiency is key. Your best bet is to rope down to one of the Ravagers, shoot off the disc launchers from the Thunderjaw, then sprint past the Ravager to get it to notice you. Keep going to the other Ravager, so then you have two of them on you, then run for the disc launchers and let rip. The hardest part of this trial is dealing with aggro from a Thunderjaw as well as two Ravagers in a small arena. Stay on the move until you pick up the disc launcher, and when you do, let loose as soon as you can to reduce the incoming dps. Remain aware of the Thunderjaw’s attacks especially as they can be devastating.

With both Ravagers on you, you shouldn’t have too hard a time finding and killing both of them with the disc launcher. When they’re down, that’s you done, and most likely finished all the Lodges.


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