Sun's Judgement

Speak to Gulahni in Brightmarket to start this Errand. Someone’s stealing her fruit, and you’re going to find out who. First go to her warehouse and investigate the barrels to find a set of tracks. Follow them until you find a pile of rotten fruit. Investigate the fruit, then use your Focus to follow the trail of fruit that’s been left by the thief. The fruit will lead you to another fruit pile that you need to investigate.

From there, follow the tracks up the valley to the cliff. Climb up to the top to trigger a cutscene. Back in control, zipline down to the valley below and take out the two Glinthawks. When they’re down, use your Focus to find the thief’s trail once again and follow it until you find him. Talk to him and convince him not to steal any more and that’s the Errand complete!


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