The Point of the Spear

When in control of Aloy after the cutscene, follow your waypoint marker to Rost, who after a conversation will tell you to find the elements for Fire Arrows. He’ll also give you an Errand to do in the form of helping an old woman, but to see that walkthrough, go to the Errands section of the guide! Aloy will also want to go to a trader to get another weapon. It’s up to you whether you go to the trader first or you go straight to getting the Blaze from the Striders. Our advice would be to go to the trader first as the Tripcaster you get from him can come in handy when hunting the Striders. The only thing to remember about the trader is he wants a Watcher Lens resource in exchange for the weapon, so if you want to go to him, best get to Watcher Hunting.

Watcher hunting is easy, one good hit in the eye will bring them down. They’re also scattered all over the map, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a lens for the trader. Once you have it, go have a chat with him and get the Tripcaster.


As for Strider hunting, your best bet is to either, if you have the Silent Strike skill, sneak up on them and hit them with that for an immediate kill. Repeat three times. If you don’t have that skill, you can do it the old fashioned way by hitting them in the eye or the Blaze canister on their back and again, for 3 times to get the needed Blaze. You don’t strictly need to kill them to get the Blaze, but due to loot always being useful, there’s no real reason not to.

Once they’re dead, and you’ve got the components to craft fire arrows, do so and your objective will change to meet Rost. Go speak to him, and then pass the time until it’s night. He’ll take you out beyond the gates and into dangerous territory. Loot any bodies or machine parts you can before you get to the next cutscene. This is where you’ll end up fighting a Sawtooth, and at your level, it can be challenging. The best tactic we discovered is as follows:

Set up a couple of tripcaster traps near the entrance to the area where the Sawtooth patrols, then stealth close and take a fire arrow shot at the Blaze canister. This will royally tick it off, but it’s also about to explode so get clear fast. The Blaze canister explosion will take a good chunk of health off, but it won’t kill it. Run to the place where your traps are and lure it into them, then hit with a spear heavy attack to finish it off. There, that wasn’t so bad was it? Loot it and then watch the cutscene.


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