The Womb of the Mountain

After your ordeal, you’ll wake up inside a cave and your first task will be to go find your Focus.

Head out of the room you start in and take a right and you’ll start the next cutscene. Back in control, head through the blast doors to find your equipment and the next part of the story. When you’re out of the Mountain and back in control, follow your waypoint down the slope. When you reach the bottom, have a chat with Teb, and also have a scout around the edges of the area for supply crates. There’s a big fight about to start soon so be as prepared as you can for it.

When you’ve looted everything you can, head up onto the platform and talk to Resh to start the next cutscene. Once it’s over, you’ll have your first boss fight, and it’s a tricky one. Before the machines break through the door, use your tripcaster to put down a bunch of traps behind it so when they do come through, a couple of them will instantly get stopped by it. The boss, the so called “Demon” will come through after a few corrupted Striders. The Striders are hardier than your usual ones, and they’re very aggressive, so keep your head on a swivel to make sure you don’t get swiped by one out of left field. The other hunters can take care of the Striders though, you concentrate on the Demon.

It’s got a lot of health, some annoyingly unpredictable attacks and is surprisingly agile. All of this adds up to a bit of a headache. Scan it as soon as you can to find the weakpoints and start hitting them. If it gets close, dodge out of the way and if you can hit it with a heavy spear attack, all the better. It has a corruption attack, which is a bit like a poison status effect, which will drain your health over time, so make sure you keep a close watch on your health. It is vulnerable to fire in certain areas, so use that, and also your tripcaster to stun it for some free hits. Combine all of these tactics and you should be able to take it out.


When it’s dead, and you loot it, the next cutscene will trigger and that's the end of this section.


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