To Curse the Darkness

Follow your waypoint to the cliff where Sylense has set up a climbing route for you. Climb up the various holds then go to the fire and activate it to start the cutscene. When you’re back in control, head through the gap. On the other side there’s an area where there are patrolling Corrupted Watchers and Longlegs. It’s up to you whether you want to fight or avoid them, but there’s little gain to be had in fighting them aside from the shards.

Whether you fight or avoid the Machines, make your way towards your waypoint marker. Climb up the cliff face and then head through the gap to the next area that is patrolled by Corrupted Scrappers. Again, either kill or avoid them whilst moving towards your waypoint then climb the cliff to start a cutscene.

When you’re back in control, you can either, once again, kill or avoid the Eclipse soldiers in the camp. You need to make your way across the bridge then around to the tent on the opposite side. There will be some datapoints in there, as well as a rotten tree you can push down to create a path for yourself over to the other side. Do so, and keep following your waypoint marker around to the Tallneck. Climb up to its head to start the cutscene.

When you’re back in control, the only thing you need to worry about is moving as fast as you can. Run along the cliffside, and try to keep moving, although watch for incoming missiles. Climb along the cliff once the path disappears then once you get up onto the top of the cliff, take Sylense’s advice and don’t fight, just run.

Sprint or roll past any enemies that try to attack you, take the zipline to the left then keep moving towards the camp. Get to the bridge and rappel off to trigger the cutscene. When you’re back in control, that’s this quest complete.


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