Valleymeet Hunting Grounds

This is the next Hunting Grounds you’ll reach, and it’s a step up over the first one. Again, you’ll have 3 challenges to complete that’ll test your abilities.


Fire Fight

This trial has you shooting Strider Blaze canisters with fire arrows. It’s not particularly tricky, the main difficulty comes from the Striders being fast to run away once you start shooting, and their canisters aren’t as easy to hit as Grazer’s. As all that’s required for the trial is to damage machines with the canister explosions, if you can, try to hit a Strider that’s standing in amongst others to get multiple hits at the same time.


Freeze Trial

You’ll either need a War Bow or a Sling that can fire freeze ammon for this one. Your best bet is to find a clutch of Striders, freeze them all and then use Precision arrows to take them down whilst they’re weakened. Don’t bother with the Bellowbacks as they’re far too strong and will just slow you down, remember this is all about speed.


Shock Trial

This one is exceptionally frustrating to pull off as you’re given a hard task and almost no time to do it. As soon as the trial starts and you land, find a Bellowback, and use a tripcaster shock line to take it down. Anything else will be too slow. As soon as it goes down, hit its underside with a Tearblast arrow to remove the armour covering the Blaze canisters then either get in close and try to knock them off with spear hits, or use precision arrows to knock them off as for some reason the game doesn’t count them being knocked off by Tearblast arrows. This is not an easy thing to do as at the same time as you’re trying to do this, the Striders near by will be freaking out and trying to attack you, and if you get knocked down, it’s unlikely you’ll have time to finish the trial once you’ve recovered. Try to be as efficient as you can with your motions, and as soon as the shock wears off the Bellowback, hit it with another wire to keep it down.


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