Do you wonder what the Old World looked like? These Vantages, scattered amongst high places of the world, will show you glimpses of that past. Here’s how to find them all. As with other collectibles, you can buy a map to give you general location of these.


  1. Air Combat Academy - There is a large rock formation to the north of a a small group of ruins that make up a Corrupted Zone south of the Main Embrace gate. Climb up to find the Vantage

  2. Colorado Springs -  Just north of the Tallneck in Devil’s Thirst, up in the remains of the area’s tallest building.

  3. Explorer Museum - On a rock outcrop overlooking the bandit camp southeast of Mother’s Crown

  4. Bridal Veil Falls - On top of a cliff overlooking the road to Daytower, just southeast of Daytower

  5. Eagle Canyon - At the base of the steps leading from the Cut Cliffs settlement down to Meridian Gate, there is a climb path on the rocky face along the western side of the trail, at the top is the Vantage

  6. Monument Valley - East of Sunstone Rock, climb up the nearby rock formation then zipline to the Vantage

  7. Bryce Orbital - In the mountains east and a little north of Sunfall. Make your way up the climbable path, then cross the short plateau at the top and continue to climb along the wall.

  8. Lake Powell - Directly north across the lake from Brightmarket. Use the tightrope to make your way out to the  rocks, then climb the side up to the top to find the Vantage

  9. Faro Automated Solutions - Southeast of the Shellwalker feeding site near Maker’s End. Make your way up into the foothills, go around the chunk of stone and climb up to the vantage.

  10. King’s Peak - This is in the same area as where you fight the Stormbird in The Mountain That Fell. Climb up the waterfall, then keep climbing up to the left to reach the vantage

  11. Sterling-Malkeet Amphitheatre - West of Devil’s Grief in the same area as the corrupted zone. Follow the steps up the rocks below the vantage to find it

  12. Denver Stadium - Climb up the ruined skyscraper at the eastern edge of Devil’s Grief to get this final vantage

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