Mission 05 - Friends Like These...



MISSION 05 - Friends Like These...

Mission area: Soros


This is one of the shortest missions you've probably encountered for a while. The longest part is just getting to the start point. Trigger the mission, watch a scene and then walk over towards Mario. Nut-shot. When you regain control, Mario will ask you to help out a guy on the sand nearby who has beached his boat. Swim over and run against the boat to push it towards the open sea. When this task is complete, you'll obtain a flare. These allow you to fast-travel between islands, making getting across the map much quicker. You can get additional flares by completing random encounters/ events like this one.


To use a flare, simply open your map and select a friendly location. Then on the drop down menu select fast travel and boom (after a loading screen), you're in the skies above your destination. Convenient, eh? Oh, mission done by the way as you plummet towards the ground.



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