Mission 09 - Missile Cowboy



MISSION 09 - Missile Cowboy
Prerequisites: Complete mission "The Secret Of Vis Electra"
Liberate settlement "Cima Leon: Centcom"


As the mission kicks off, the rebels will be locked in battle against Di Ravello's forces all over the place. But first things first, you'll need to take down a transmitter at the edge of Cima Leon: Transmitter (aptly named). Parachute and wingsuit across the countryside, flying over the base/ outpost to reach the yellow marker. Drop down next to the huge metal disc blocking the transmitter tower from view and kill any soldiers nearby before operating the control panel to raise the transmitter.


As soon as it starts emerging, begin peppering it with RPGs or hop on and plant a few explosives, as it will try to lower again quickly. Blow it sky high and you'll get a quick scene showing the battles raging across the island. A meter will show up afterwards showing the current battle strength of the rebels and Di Ravello's forces. You can assist the rebels by helping in key battles across the island, improving their overall fighting strength. To win the fight and finish the mission, you need to fill the bar completely so it's time to get to work.



From your raised position, you are well prepped to start your wingsuit journey to the nearby marked seaside town where four or five transport boats are delivering APCs to the beach against your forces. Glide down and start unloading your RPG and/ or using your GE-64 explosives to destroy the armoured hulks. Don't forget you can reel on to each one in turn to remove the driver, then blow it up while it's stationary to make things easier.


Off we go to the next battle when the last APC goes down. Keep in mind you'll want to restock on ammo between each battle as you will be dealing with powerful vehicles at each location. Stop by the local police station to replenish your stock before chuting and gliding across the countryside to the next battle. This time it's a troop of tanks (around four or five) pushing back your allied forces. Rain down explosive death upon them until the final one is scrap metal, replenishing your ammo at the station nearby afterwards. Seriously, this is like being the killer robot Santa from Futurama (you've even got the RPG launcher to go with it) delivering explosions to all the naughty soldiers.



The final battle you'll need to race to is a church on top of a hill. While you can use your LMG or RPG to shoot down the helicopters that appear and attack, the easiest method is to use the Capstone FH155 launchers on the roof of the church to blast them out of the sky. Chew through all four of five of the choppers and Dimah will arrive in a helicopter, hovering above the church. Grapple up to it to trigger a series of scenes, followed by you jumping off the helicopter and gliding towards a launching missile. Yeah, we've all done that. You'll need to grapple onto the missile when you get close enough, triggering another sequence of scenes and ending the mission afterwards. That's a really underwhelming explosion. Just saying.



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