Mission 20 - The Great Escape



Mission 20 - The Great Escape

Mission area: Maestrale


Note: This is a close quarters mission against heavily armoured enemy soldiers, so shotguns or an LMG are your best bets for taking down the opposition. Remember to take advantage of your grapple kick to disrupt enemy fire (although you can't grapple mini-gunners).


Seriously, they should have had a Steve McQueen cameo or the iconic theme for the movie 'The Great Escape.' The game was just begging for a reference to the movie here. Or even Rico leading the escape on a motorbike. Something. Anyway, enough of my references to old movies. Anikka wants you to bust out her and Teo's mercenary companions. Fair enough, more support for the rebel cause. From your hillside starting point, glide down in your wing-suit and enter the seemingly abandoned prison. Descend the ramp in the center, restocking at the weapon locker to the right if you need to before you reach the bottom.



Each floor of the prison has two switches you need to find. On the first level, you need to activate the switches and then trigger a third to open the armoured door at the back to advance. The switches are located on the right and left walls on this floor and are pretty easy to find. After a certain amount of time, the game points out their locations to you as well if you need the help. The third switch to open the armoured door at the rear of the area can be found on the right wall, quite close to the large metal door at the back. A marker will point this one out making it simple to locate.


During this switch hunt, Di Ravello's forces will be attacking you relentlessly. You'll have to make good use of the cover here to avoid taking too much damage at once, resulting in death. With a shotgun, you can play a bit more aggressively (due to the stagger from the shot), but with an LMG you'll want to be firing from cover, then ducking out of sight while you replenish your health. You'll only be taking on light to mid level armoured enemies here so think of it as the practice level for the two upcoming floors below. After hitting the third switch, run down the corridor you can now access through the metal door to reach level two.



The first switch on level two is in nearly the same position on the left wall as it was on the floor above. The second switch however is located in between two of the cell buildings near the middle of the area, so it will be a bit trickier for you to find. The enemies will also step up their game here, with some of Di Ravello's special ops enemies appearing and more of the soldiers wearing heavier armour. If you're using an LMG or shotgun here you should be able to keep your ammo well stocked from the guns they drop upon death. The third terminal to open the armoured door at the back is right next to the door this time, so clear the hallways of enemies before you attempt to hack it and then rush through the armoured door as it opens.


The third level of the prison is the most heavily guarded. You'll want to approach this one cautiously. Use the ramp just past the door as cover, picking off the enemies as they rush up. The biggest threat initially is the enemy with a mini-gun at the base of the observation tower in the center. There is also a RPG wielding guard on top of the tower as well. Fire up over the ramp, retreating when you take too much damage. The enemies on this floor are finite, so you'll want to chip away at them until the coast is clear. There are two switches on this floor as well, but be warned that they will spawn soldiers (around 3 with heavy armour) nearby when you press them, so be ready for a fight. Pressing the switches on this floor opens the doors protecting the generators on this floor. The first switch is on the observation tower's upper level, while the second switch is on the right wall. Blow up the exposed generators with an RPG shot to trigger the prisoner's release.



You'll need to skedaddle quickly through a hole in the roof afterwards to help the prisoners fight their way out successfully. A large number of soldiers, a few snipers and a couple of incoming enemy trucks will all be waiting above ground, battling it out with the escaped convicts. In comparison to the fights below, this is pretty simple as you have plenty of room to move and grapple, so let rip with your guns and make sure to blow up the trucks to finish off the enemy resistance and the level as well.



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