Are We Cool

Side Mission : Are We Cool

Meet up with Emanual and have a tense talk. This conversation will open up trafficking side missions- you'll be instructed to steal a boat, use it to pick up air-dropped reefer, then drop it off at a designated location.

These missions have a reputation for being buggy, and even when things go smoothly the instructions can be counter-intuitive. A few helpful tips

  • This mission only works when there is a racket to upgrade. If all rackets are upgraded, you can still select this mission, but no marker will appear.

  • Pick the dropped crates from the water with the Q button when you are close.

  • When you have all crates, proceed to the next objective by boat only. You're hauling cargo, and can't switch vehicles.

  • If you have trouble remembering which turns to take in the bayou, use your map marker.

  • When you get to the objective, sometimes the game will tell you to get back in the boat. Ignore this, waiting a few moments for the cargo to magically appear in the truck.

  • As before, do not switch vehicles, but drive straight to the target.

  • If you are killed during a mission, the site of the objective may change. That's fine, just go to the new location to resume the process.

Take the first mission, which will unlock another conversation with Emanuel. If you're not feeling too massively bummed out after that, accept his next mission to recover some stolen weed from the Dixie Mafia. Drive out to the site. Sites are picked at random, but the enemies will tend to be better armed and more numerous the farther in the game you get. In general- don't get flanked. Find a point on the perimeter where you can either whistlekill your way across, or snipe the most dangerous targets first (other snipers tend to be your top priority. Anyone on roof should be dropped as soon as possible). From here on out, all missions will be the same - steal the weed directly, take it by boat to a dock,and then drive to the racket.

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