Barclay Mills

Album Art

1. Employees only area of the Double Barrel Bar. Steppenwolf.

2. Apparently fallen behind a cabinet in a trailer on the south end of the Guns racket safehouse. Creedence Clearwater Revival.


Communist Propaganda Posters

3. On the outside second level of a building just east of the northmost bridge ramp.

4. Near some warehouse steps in the far southwest.

5. Commie Propaganda - the side of building facing the tracks, north of Joey's All American Diner

6. Between doors B2 and C3 on a loading dock in the southeast of Barclay Mills.


Hot Rod Magazine

7. Technically outside Barclay Mills- across the water to the west, near the warehouse where you whacked a guy on Vito's list. In the back of ruined van on a junk barge - Jan 1966.


Playboy Magazines

8. In a garage north-northwest of the Guns racket safehouse -Jan 1964

9. In a locked shacked northwest of the Thrift Mart - Sep 1963.

10. On a blue table outside a shack halfway up the south side of the hill in Barclay - Feb 1964

11. By an orange chair on the porch-slash balcony of a wooden shack up the hill from Best Oil - Nov 1963.


Vargas Paintings

12. In the office of the Garbage safehouse

13. In a trailer in the middle killing ground of the quarry where you save Enzo Conti.

14. In the main office of the Guns safehouse.

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