Bayou Fantom

Album Art

1. Back behind the bar of a Double Barrel Bar in the north islands. Vanilla Fudge - Box of Fudge.

2. In the backroom of a Shooter's Bar in the southwest - no loitering. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River.


Communist Propaganda

3. Hung on the outside of blue trailers in the trailer park just west of the Baby Bear BBQ.

4. On a wall inside a sea shanty on the south coast of the Bayou.

5. In a parking lot next to the large (by bayou standards) refinery in the mid south.


Hot Rod Magazines

6. On a picnic table in the trailer area west of Dixie Park - Sep 1966.

7. In the back of an abandoned building on the Pacman-looking island south of Eaglehurst Plantation - Nov 1968.

8. In the back of a Targo station near the middle of the Bayou - Aug 1968.


Playboy Magazines

9. In a waterside shack along with molotovs and a sniper rifle, on the island on the far west of the bayou that looks vaguely like a domino mask - June 1962

10. Locked shack near the center of the big, bridgeless crescent in the middle of the bayou - Aug 1968.

11. On a workbench in a locked fishing shack on the west point of the island southeast of Dixie Park - June 1968

12. On a table on the top level of a shack complex on the tiny island north of the Trago gas.-July 1968

13. Locked shack east of the Bourbin Digs, one island over. - Mar 1962

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