Burke: I.R.A. Don't Ask

Burke: I.R.A. Don't Ask

Burke's mission template is stealing cars. Check your minimap for likely spots, lift the car, and drive it back to Burke's. It'll save you a lot of time if you already have Burke's bonus ability to jack locked cars without drawing attention. The first round is 3 orange Opuses. The map will show you locations- cars respawn with every theft, so just steal the closest car three times to shut this one down.

The next mission is 3 Capulets. At least you'll be driving a nice car while doing the same thing over and over. The first Capulet is in police lockup - you'll recall the route in from wiring the junction box- drop into the water behind the police station, up the tower, over the walk way, and into the lot.

When there aren't too many cops, lift the car and take the far left out of the parking lot. Go straight along the old tracks- cops won't follow you up onto the sidewalk here, so you'll lose them almost instantly. Take the car to Burke's and drop it under the crane as usual.

The second Capulet looks close...   but en route the game tells you it's wrecked, and sends you way down south for another. Back to that same godforsaken Southdowns police lot.

At least you know the routine - left hand door, ithrough garage, out through the double gates. Trouble fades behind you in the Capulet, and you're back home. Go for the next car-  nope, that's wrecked too.

Sorry Lincoln Clay, your Capulet is in another castle police lockdown. Gr.

Again, our junction box adventures will come in handy here - sneak in and drive out to finally complete this triad.

Next up is three Aspens. For big, chunky cars, they actually handle nicely, and are a pleasure to drive. The infoscreens for this one, however, lie almost as much as Burke himself. First, the objective marker always wants to send you out the edges of the map, even if there are literally dozens of closer prospects- so open up the big map and choose accordingly. Second, the screen will sometime flash that the car you're heading toward had been wrecked, even when it hasn't, so if you're close (and all your targets should be close), roll by the expected area and check it out.

Even with the constant deception, it should be a snap to find 3 Aspens right in Point Verdun, and finish off this section. Next up: boats.

Pretty simple- there's no complex bayou navigation, most boats are a straight shot in one direction or another. Just be sure to ease them in when mking a final approach- they're a little harder to parallel park than a car.

Last up is the trio of Samson Dukes, apparently a favorite of Marcano's boys. Each has between two and five guards, but they're clearly amateur.

Pop 'em like popcorn and take a smooth ride back to Burke to reveal the last piece of his tragic, nonsensical backstory.

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