Cassandra - The Voodoo Revolutionary

She's got a thousand tricks up her sleeves, most of them deadly.


These perks are unlocked as the total take of Cassandra's rackets increases.

Income $0 - Basic Arms Dealer: Buy weapons on the go.

$30000 - Screaming Zemi: A throwable distraction device

$60000 - Gunsmith: Improved Accuracy

$10,000 - Operator: Shut down phones for 2 min

$14,000 - Gunsmith: Increased Ammo Capacity

$18,000 - Screaming Zemi (Smoke)

$22,000 - Gunsmith: Improved Stability

$27,000 - Operator: Shut down phones for 5 min

$32,000 - Screaming Zemi (Exploding)

$37,000 - Gunsmith: Faster reload

$42,000 - Operator: Kill phones & call your backup


Select Weapons

These weapons are acquired as favors from Cassandra as you grant territory and accrue loyalty, though they can be purchased normally later in the game

Silenced M1N8 - Not bad, but for a silenced weapon you really want the first shot to be lethal. Ditch this for a silenced pistol at the first opportunity.

Hartmann AT-40 - A single-fire rocket launcher isn't much use in a game without tanks or giant robots, but if you really want to kill an enforcer from a distance, and don't have the patience for a sniper rifle....      One minor bonus- you're usually so far away from the point of impact that people don't even call the police on you.

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