Cassandra: .45 In My Hand

Cassandra: .45 In My Hand

Cassandra's special missions involve you stealing trucks full of Dixie Mafia weapons.

First mission is to steal a truck in Barclay Mills. The warehouse is crawling with Dixie Mafia goons, but you should be an old hand at infiltrating warehouses by now.

Steal the truck (turning initially LEFT out of the warehouse to clear the parking lot, and trundle it over to Cassandra with no further resistance. She'll set up your next mission.

Collectible Alert: Communist Propaganda poster at the northmost corner of the warehouse.

This one is even easier - approach this makeshift fortress from the back (wiring the junction box on the way, if you haven't already). Take out the oblivious guards here, then climb the ladder, take out the guy on the roof, and shoot everyone else.

The only one you may not be able to get a bead on in the guy standing next to the truck- drop down and take him out close. Then drive back to Cass, again, no ambushes on the way home.


Next up- stealing a police truck. Intense.

And of course it's not a local station, but that same station in Southdowns that was so hard to wire up. Sigh. Let's take it from the top. Approach through the locked door on the left hand side, choke out the guard. Watch the other two- there are actually fewer police on duty now than normally, so you should be able to take out both if you're patient. If not, grab the truck, and get gone. You'll never be able to lose the cops normally, so shortcut through the park to your left. Try not to tip over, but the game does allow you to flip the truck back up if you do. Get to the rail road tracks and drive until you're off police radar, then head for home. Do, however, use your minimap to avoid driving by police or police vehicles- they'll mark you as suspicious and renew the chase. Either go offroad again, or ditch the vehicle and hide out until the heat dies down. One excellent way to avoid cops is to keep riding the rails- the truck can handle it, and they won't follow.

Either way, you should be clear once you reach the Hollow. Just park it at Cassandra's for your next mission.

Which is back to the usual - gun truck in Tickfaw. Take out the Dixie mobsters and drive on home.

Remember that Tickfaw cops are a little more zealous than average, so it take slow initially, then floor it once you hit the freeway.

The final mission in the sequence is to hit the main warehouse itself, but the operation is per normal- kill everyone, take the truck, no ambushes on the road. Though do note the addition of snipers to adjacent buildings before you charge straight in.

Return to Cassandra for the last bit of her backstory, and mission completion.

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