Delray Hollow

Album Art

1.In a locked garage in the very northwest corner of the Hollow. The Chambers Brothers Time Has Come

2.In a garage of the lot where you gunned down Deacon Caruso, when taking over the Smack racket. Eddie Floyd - Knock on Wood.

3. On some drawers in the employees Only area of Deep Dive Bar & Lounge. Lightin' Slim - High & Low Down.

4. In the office of the soup kitchen. Clarence Carter - This is Clarence Carter.


Communist Propaganda

5. Nailed up outside the courthouse, toward the southwest of the Hollow's uppermost landmass.

6. On a train platform in the northeast corner of the Hollow.


Hot Rod

7. In the upstairs office of the Auto Service Shop just north of the south canal -June 1968.


Playboy Magazines

8. In the back room of the laundromat between Sammy's and the motel Donovan stays in - Aug 1966.

9. In Sammy's basement, can't miss it - Aug 1964.

10. Inside a locked green house with a red door just north of the south canal. This one actually has a guy inside, but he doesn't seem to mind - Nov 1967.

11. Behind the bar of the Double Barrel Bar in the south end of the Hollow - May 1964.


Vargas Paintings

12. In the lobby at Perla's - just behind Shiela after you first talk to her to rescue the strung out girls.

13. In the upper office at Perla's, on the wall behind the desk

14. In the basement of Sammy's, on the pillar.

15. In the office of the Smack racket, in the church.

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