Faster Baby! Achievements


Another Brother Falls, Kickin' Up Dust, Ain't Nowhere Safer - These story achievements are all automatically unlocked as you progress through the main story.

Concerned Citizens - Unlocked after completing the epilogue story missions.

Herbalist: Gain rank 5 in Herbalism

Mr. Green Thumb: Fully upgrade the Grow House. You'll need some cash, and to have reach Herbalism 5 to do this.

That Good Connect: Sell a batch of weed for $10,000+. It's possible to get this one without reaching level 5 Herbalism, but it's easier if you do. See our Herbalism Guide for more details on how to get each of these achievements.

Campaign Strategy: Destroy 10 of Slim's re-election billboards. You can jump through a lot of billboards in SInclair Parish, but only the ones with Slim's face on 'em count toward this achievement. On the plus side, you can jump through the same sign several times to up your count. Just do your jump, drive a few hundred feet away, then drive back to see the sign restored, and repeat. It's worth saving this one until after completing he story missions, as you'll crash through a few of these automatically as part of the narrative. Afterwards, the two easiest to find & crash are the one above the police station in downtown Sinclair Parish, and the one just over the bridge north of downtown.

For the ones without ramps, you can improvise


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