Faster Baby! Main Story Missions

Another Brother Falls

Kick things off by activating an objective in the southwest of the the Bayou- 'Another Brother Falls."

Drive on out for generous slug of whiskey & exposition, with The Voice and his firebrand daughter Roxy Laveau.

Your first objective seems simple enough- drive into Sinclair Parish with Roxy (you'll have to use the car given to you). En route you will be ambushed by police (in an unavoidable story event), and will have to evade the deputies to continue. With Roxy riding shotgun, however, you're not exactly going to be keeping a low profile.

The key here (and throughout the Sinclair Parish missions) is that cops won't follow you far into an open field, and there's plenty of open field here. Set your sights cross-country until the heat dies down

Note that your markers for calling off police attention don't work in Sinclair Parish- it's a different kind of law out here.

When you get all the all clear, follow your objective to MJ's place, then exit the car to complete this mission, and immediately launch 'Ten Double-Zero.'

Ten Double-Zero

This mission begins automatically when you arrive at MJ's place, at the end of 'Another Brother Falls.' Follow your marker for a meet n' greet with MJ & Roxy.

He'll clue you in on the local situation- by the times he's finished night will have fallen, and it's time for you and Roxy to get to the station.

Drop off Roxy, then round the corner west for a wiretapping node.

Go ahead and hack it, but work fast- everything you do attracts suspicion here.

When you're done, jog over to the south end of the police station, and use the white-topped dumpster to climb over the wall (this is not suspicious enough to alert civilians).

Enter the small building here for a Health Kit and two TL junctions, if you need them (the maingame has more than enough to hack every node in the city and Sinclair Parish, but waste not, want not). Use the northwest corner to whistlekill the parking lot cop.

Drag his body inside the building, just so it's not visible from the lot, then sneak around to the left/west side of the station, entering by a metal door there.

This door will take you into the basement, which is unguarded, but does have a tac vest it. Take it, then go up the stairs. There are four guards on this floor, but your positioning allows you to take them all out by stealth, if you wish to (each is alone in their particular room). There are also prisoners and a suspect being interrogating here, but none of these count as witnesses, or raise an alarm, even if you kill a cop in front of them. Do make special note of the offer in the northeast corner, standing in front of a window with dropcloth. That'll be our exit point for escaping the station.

When the first floor is clear, head up the west stairs. Whistlekill the first guard in the hall, but the two in the office are night inseperable- even responding to whistle-taunts together. You can try to split them up, but at this point it's easier just to gun them down. This will summon the last two hostiles, a shotgunner and pistoleer, who can be easily dispatched as they come around the corner.

There are so goodies on this floor- a new Tac Vest and an Automat rifle, but once you're geared up the way you want, follow your marker to the evidence file.

Once you grab it, a second wave of deputies will roll into the parking lot. Sprint for that dropcloth'd window and jump out. Immediately in front of you is a box you can use to hop the wall.

This should give you a couple seconds' headstart on the police. Jack a fast looking car from the intersection and make tracks.

As before, going into the fields is the quickest way to give them the slip- just be sure not leave the mission area (the game will give you a pretty generous warning when you start to), or drive into the river (keep an eye on the minimap). When the coast is clear, drive back to MJ's to complete the mission.

New Shade of Green & Kickin' Up Dust

This starts immediately after the end of 'Ten Double Zero.'

Pick up the fertilizer bags and follow MJ.

BUG ALERT: Make sure MJ precedes you through the next rooms. If he doesn't, Lincoln may freeze up once you put the bags down. You may need to nudge MJ if he gets stuck.

When MJ tells you put the bags down, put the bags down. This triggers a cutscene which completes the mission, and immediately launches you into 'Kickin' Up Dust.'

The game plan here is for you and Roxy to launch a two-person blitzkreig on the whole of Sinclair Parish, drawing away enough cops for MJ to rescue the witnesses. To accomplish this, you'll first need to steal back Roxy's custom ride from the impound lot.

There's no back entrance here, you have to enter through the front. Best point of entry is the chainlink fence in the northeast corner, near some green barrels.

Slip through the nearby door, and take out the single cop. There's a TL component here, a medkit, and a note about the Voice, but of course none of these is mandatory. When you're done poking around, slip through the far door and break north to wire the junction box.

There are two guards left in the lot, and it's best just to gun them down (despite her boasts, Roxy tends to gum up any stealth attempts).

Open the garage door and the game will give you a brief primer on how this stage works. Essentially you'll want head toward anything glowing blue- it's a either a ramp you can jump off, or property you can smash. This a free-for-all rather than a set route, so just aim for whatever's closest, and use your minimap if you've depleted all the chaos in your immediate line of sight. Just don't drive out of the downtown area- the mission does have boundaries.

When you've filled your damage meter here, you'll get a new objective to Wreck the Checkpoint.

Drive over to the checkpoint (again, you can keep to the fields to avoid enemy attentions). As before, there are blue things to drive through, and Roxy will keep firing, but to maximize damage you'll want to use your own gun to target the orange-tagged explosives.

Do try to shoot from a distance- Roxy's car is tough but not invincible, and Lincoln himself can still take splash damage. When you've done enough damage, you'll get your next target- a re-election rally for Slim.

More of the same here- smash blue things, jump ramps, and shoot explosives.

When you fill your damage meter, you'll get word that MJ needs saving. Barrel on over (cross country remains your friend, but watch out for the river). Once MJ's van is in sight, use gunfire and offensive driving to take out the deputies on his tail.

Keep following his van until he springs a scripted trap that brings the chase to an end.

Completing the cutscene completes the mission, and kicks off 'Ain't Nowhere Safer.'

Ain't Nowhere Safer

Your objective is to drive back to MJ's, but before you leave, note the nearby junction box on the shack (you can see it from where you're standing when the dialogue ends).

Hack it if you like, then head back to base.

Talk to Roxy, who sends you back to the house to snag a folder. Because this isn't Mass Effect: Andromeda, you know the game wouldn't give you such a simple task unless it was setting you up for something. Grab the folder, head downstairs, then open to the door to get shot.

Needless to say, wearing a Tac Vest doesn't change the outcome here in the slightest. Endure a cutscene and, when you're back in control, chase Slim through a gauntlet of his goons.

You'll have a meagre choice of weapons as you proceed, but it's probably best to favor the pistols- the goons do higher-than-average damage, and you'll want to take them out from a relative distance. When possible.

Pick your way through the greenhouse, then into the road. Stay in cover as much as you can- there aren't many enemies here, but there's also very little room to manuever, and these guys are lethal. Luckily, this means that when you kill them, you get the Pasadena assault rifle which made them such a terror. This will be a tremendous help in the next section.

Move forward and Roxy will start sniping from above. As enemy forces move in, take them out with the rifle, ideally before they exit their vehicles.

Enter the building to your left- it's got a med kit, cover for advancing on enemies, and a gas tank that you can shoot to keep them from advancing on you.

Clear the remaining no-goods, scoop up their precious ammo, then follow your marker through some kickable doors to the Nightcrawler.

Now it's standard chase- stay close and fend off deputies. At one point Slim will jump over some tracks just ahead of a train. Don't worry about trying to jump through the open traincar- your scripted jump will take you over the train completely.

You can't actually take down Slim until another scripted train crossing a ways on, so focus on getting rid of chasers, and not losing your quarry. The chase ends in a cutscene, in a graveyard. Let it play, then take your quest marker's advice and get the hell out of Sinclair Parish. Standard chase and cross-country rules apply- the only real danger here is the covered bridge right at the beginning of your run- don't let the police ram you off course, or into the river.

Once you're clear of Sinclair, drive back to the Voice and give him the folder & the good news.

This will carry you through a final cutscene with Roxy. When it's over, you'll gained access to Roxy's Nightcrawler, and her Silenced MK 1020, and completed main mission of the DLC. You can still talk to the Voice for some follow-up work on Slim's conviction, and talk to MJ to unlock a startling in-depth weed-grow simulation.

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