Frisco Fields


Album Art

1. In a suburban garage near the upper west curve of the hilltop community. Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison.

2. In another suburban garage near the upper east curve of the hilltop community. Cream - Wheels of Fire.


Communist Propaganda

3. Taped to a pillar in the courtyard of the building north of the PCP safehouse.

4. Posted in an archway on the southside of a large southern hall of Brandt University.


Hot Rod Magazine

5. On a bench outside a used car dealership across from the southern Trago Gas - Dec 1968.


Playboy Magazines

6. In a boathouse in the far north of Frisco, just down a slope from where you saved some human trafficking victims - Apr 1967.

7. On a bookshelf in a locked shack near the church where Brother Jude hangs out - Sep 1965.

8. Atop Duvall Lookout, the wooden structure in the backdrop when you confront Remy Duvall - Oct 1968.

9. On a table in a suburban backyard - Mar 1967.

10. Between two lounge chairs at the bottom of a fancy terraced garden, west north west of blarney's pub - Mar 1965.



Repent Magazine

11. On the far table in the first room up the stairs as you head to the office of the Southern Union racket - Issue 4.


Vargas Paintings

12. A shed in the country club where Stephen Degarmo is kept.

13. The office of the Southern Union racket (in Bellaire Grocery)

14. The office of the PCP racket.

NOTE: Not technically part of Frisco Fields, but when the northern bridge opens as part of the Kill Sal Marcano mission, it will lead to an isolated zone with two more Vargas Paintings. 

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