I Only Read It For The Articles - Hot Rod

I Only Read It For The Articles - Hot Rod

Almost every issue of Hot Rod you collect comes with an article or two that is added to your collectible gallery. These issues and articles are listed below.


May 1964 - Article on Don Garlit's SWAMP RAT VI.

Feb 1965 - Profile of Connie Kalitta's BOUNTY HUNTER.

Jan 1966 - A get-together for all the dragsters using M/T parts to break 200mph.

Jun 1966 - The American Motorcylce Association at Daytona, the increasingly technological intensity of engine checks, and the Atlanta 500.

Sep 1966 - Ski boats, hot rods, and Honda Grand Prix 4.

Jan 1968 - The 20th Anniversary issue

Mar 1968 - Daytona's 10th anniversary.

June 1968 - Covering the off-roading racing of the Mint 400

Aug 1968 - Dirt tracks and the '68 Indy 500

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