I Only Read It For The Articles - Playboy

I Only Read It For The Articles - Playboy

Every Playboy magazine you collect adds the cover photo and centerfold to your collectibles gallery. Some, however, come with even more - articles and interviews from the magazine's heyday. The issues with extra content are listed and described below.

Jun 1964 - The first page of the yearly Playmate review.

Feb 1964 - A 3 page profile of Nancy Ho Harper, a 'Georgia Peach.'

Aug 1964 - A 2 page profile of China (pronounced 'Chee-na') Lee.

Dec 1964 - A 7 page Beatles interview. George and Ringo discuss their upcoming nuptials.

Mar 1965 - A 1 page profile of Jennifer Jackson

May 1966 - A 14 page interview with Arthur Schlesinger Jr, on Vietnam, Cuba, Communism, conscientious objectors and JFK.

Aug 1966 - A 6 page 'pictorial tribute' to the Playboy Bunnies, and aa 11 page interview with millionaire H.L. Hunt on communism, charity, and the Klan.

Sep 1966 - A 12 page interview with Timothy Leary, speaking at length on LSD. Well, about it, at any rate.

Nov 1966 - A 14 page interview with Norman Thomas, radical reformer and socialist.

Aug 1967 - A 15 page interview with controversial defense attorney F. Lee Bailey talking about his cases, including the one with inspired 'The Fugitive.'

Mar 1968 - A 18 page interview with Truman Capote. Stealable quote - "I decline to answer, on the grounds that I prefe to remain enigmantic."

Aug 1968 - A 15 page interview with William Sloane Coffin, a Yale University chaplain, about his opposition to the draft and prosecution for helping students evade it. "...it's in the best American tradition to not surrender one's conscience to the state."

Sep 1968 - A 12 page interview with director Stanley Kubrick. Talks about cryogenics and eliminating aging by the year 2001.

Oct 1968 - A whopping 24 pages with Ralph Nader.

Nov 1968 - A 15 page interview with Black Panthers leader Eldridge Cleaver, and a little one page humor piece about Santa Claus being arrested for trespassing.

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