Mission 100 - Interrogate Pimps

Mission 100 - Interrogate Pimps

Pietro Iovine

Come up from the east- by the time you get to where the yellow cab is hanging out, you should see a sentry on on upper balcony. Take him out with a silenced shot- even if he falls screaming over the edge he won't alert anyone.

Advance to the doorway. Use Intel View to get a bead on Pietro, and make sure he's on the ground before mopping up the last few guards

Pietro's intel sets you on the trail of some Kinky VIPs, but first it's time for a hop north to shake down Freddie the Bull.

As his risk meter indicates, Freddie is the smallest of small time. Three guys, three headshots, and you're on your way. Just don't shoot the car or any civvies.

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