Mission 110 - Interrogate Southern Union Brothers

Mission 110 - Interrogate Southern Union Brothers

The nearest informant is another parking lot type. Cover is scarce but his two guards do like to roam. Lure one behind the dumpster, then either lure the other out by the road, or simply shoot the rest. Being in a parking lot should make easy to stash your wheels here in case things go sideways.

Informant 2 is in the back room of laundromat. There's a back door on the northwest wall. Both this and the door to the informant's room can be jimmied without alerting the occupants inside. Just be sure to put the informant down first- there is another exit from that room.

Alternately, if you're sick of jimmying doors, you can just shoot him through the front window and take out his guards as they come rolling out.

Either way, this new intel will send you back to Grimaldi

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