Mission 113 - Kill the Southern Union Enforcers

Mission 113 - Kill the Southern Union Enforcers

And there sure are a lot of them, aren't there?

Uncle Bartholomew

Start with Uncle Bartholomew, just past the police station. He and his boys are kicking some poor sod to death. Normally this kind of close grouping dictates explosives, but assuming wwe don't want kill the sod too, snipe the outer memebers first- the rest will be distracted. By the time they do realize what's happening, they should be easy pickings.

Brother James

Hides out under the bridge. Again, the choice is between a quick kill with explosives or freeing the captives with a series of well placed headshots. The close clustering here make both easy, and you can always mix n' match. Note that you can't do takedowns while in cover on the stairs.

Uncle Andrew

Boy, these guys sure like beating people up. Take out the front guard, then sneak around back to dispose of the sentry in the trailer. Then move in to kill the rest, or doubleback to the dirt ramp for some sniping. There's a house of hostiles above this site that might get riled up by the shooting, but just leave them be for the moment.

Uncle Thaddeus

Now it's time for the folks uphill. Drive up, snipe the sentries in the yard, and creep around back to the pool party.

Tough lay, but if you simply walk your fire from left to right you should able to take them down before a response can be mounted. There's some cash by the grill for your trouble.

Uncle Jude

Finally, a grouping of SU thugs without any innocents to get caught in the crossfire. Grenade.

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