Mission 114 - Investigate Bellaire's Grocery

Mission 114 Investigate Bellaire's Grocery

Return to Jackie Grimaldi to open this one up.

Wait For Nightfall. Coooool. Not that you actually have to wait, just drive to the designated spot and Lincoln will chill for the appropriate number of hours.

When the clock is done spinning, make your way to the back door and take out the guard. Grab the tac vest and loot the ground floor of cash piles before going upstairs. Turn right to loot some office rooms of cash and collectibles.

Collectible Alert: REPENT Magazine on the fair table in the first room, Vargas painting behind the desk in the second.

Time to break up the auction. The victim here is too much in the thick of things for explosives, but the three hostiles up front go down easy to sustained machine gun fire. Take them out and interrogate Mason. No chance to recruit here- once he's done talking, he's done.

Just after that, you'll get the message that reinforcements have arrived. These guys are easy enough to gun down, and shooting up a grocery store is almost as much fun as shooting up an antique shop, but there's no need to fight them if you don't want to- just slip out the back and onto the next mission.

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