Mission 120 - Kill Bastian's PCP Cooks

Mission 120 - Kill Bastian's PCP Cooks

Gabe Chauvin

A small home with a small security force. Pop them silently and take out the target. Guy looks vaguely familiar. Anyhow, there's a cash bag and some explosive barrels in the back room- maybe handle the one before the other.


'Beaks' Brunner

All the way out to the back of beyond again. Beaks is in the same hostile compound as that one troublesome junction box. Use a similar means of entry here, jimmying the lock on the back of the trailer and using it as a lure point or shooting hide. When the area is secure, blow the barrels here, and in Beaks' trailer, keeping an eye out for Beak's cashbag.


Lonnie Grima

His mapbox says he taught himself to cook by reverse-engineering a dead junkie's supply. That seems like it would be a bad supply to learn from.

Not that it matters now. Lonnie's operation is stuffed full of both hostiles and of extremely flammable chemicals. A grenade or molotov should combine the two nicely.

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