Mission 125 - Kill Olivia Marcano

Mission 125 - Kill Olivia Marcano

Back to the fateful country club. The first half of this one is just following directions, slowly moving through the club, dosing bottles, serving drinks, whatever the objective marker tells you. Things don't really become actionable until you've dosed the party with LSD, and Olivia retreats upstairs.

You follow in the guise of a waiter. Things are about to get messy, so when you set down the bottle, pick up the pistol behind the bar. You don't have armor, healing, or any other weapons, so make your shots count. Also, be aware that Olivia is an armed combatant.

Clear the guards, and subdue Olivia. When the cutscene ends, grab some much needed gear from the next room, and open the door, then out to the balcony and down the stairs. Cutscene, then back. Carefully kill your way across the gardens. Remember that you don't have a silencer anymore- every shot will announce your position.

Still, there aren't that many guards, and they aren't that bright. You can also use their dropped weapons to pad out your arsenal as you make your way to Stephen. Kick open the door, kill his captor, and set him free. When the next cutscene ends, it's time to make a break for it. Drive out of the club, weaving between oncoming police vehicles.

There's a barricade, and more incoming police to the left, so go right. Only not too far, because the road ends in a cliff. Instead, take the first left- a dirt road up the hill.

You'll lose your pursuers in no time, then it's just a matter of driving to Donovan safely. Your ride can't take much of beating, and it's crucial to avoid police attention, so just play it safe and you'll be able to finally close the book on this one.

...After a couple of protracted cutscenes, and the territory assignment. As before, Frisco goes to Cassandra.

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