Mission 128 - Interrogate Two-Dicks' Runners

Mission 128 - Interrogate Two-Dicks' Runners

Monk O'Halloran is less than a block away, so jog on over.

There's only one goon with him - a few well-placed shots should account for both. As you're leaving, you might pick up the stakes from the poker game going on.

Monk's info will lead you to the rescue of Eddie Kenner from a gator farm way out in the Bayou. This little complex has a lot of ins and outs, but most of the secrets involve dips in the water- and it's a gator farm.

Instead, come up through the garage on the left hand side (which is filled with cash), and pick off the guards using more conventional tactics.

Watch out for runners, the convoluted platforms can make tracking them down a pain. After the last shot is fired, free Eddie, and head back to civilization.

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