Mission 129 - Kill Two-Dick's Enforcers

Mission 129 - Kill Two-Dick's Enforcers

August 'Bulldog' Perotta

Come in through the open garage door on the north side, taking out the guards facing the wrong way.

This site is a lot of brick around a tiny courtyard. Start a commotion there and guys pour in- which is why you carry grenades. In general, these Enforcers are more aggressive than in previous chapters- they'll actively rush into danger, which makes your life that much easier. Just remember the loot the area they used to be in- there's generally a cashbag or other goodies.

Rocky Torino Case in point on the more aggressive enforcers here. Rocky's hidden here behind some fencing (not so far away from one of those junction boxes). You could carefully move guy to guy to get close enough to take him down. Or just causing some trouble and he'll come running out, his face aching for a bullet.

Shane Fordham

Going back to another contested junction box, Shane hangs out near the stadium.

The same approach is best - in through the stadium - then taking out the perimeter guards, then picking off the mob near Shane (the mob of goons, that is. The innocent when generally flee once bodies start hitting the ground). When everyone's down, clean up the cash and skedaddle.

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