Mission 13 - Free the Strung Out Girls

Mission 13 - Free the Strung Out Girls

Follow the marker to Perla's. There's another weapon van outside, but there's little you can afford and nothing you need. Head on inside and talk to Sheila, who'll tell you that the captive girls are being held on the second floor.

Collectible Alert: Just behind Sheila, impossible to miss, is a framed Vargas print.

Scope the place out. If you haven't experimented with trespassing yet, know that there are 'off-limits' areas in shops and other establishments where you will immediately be treated as hostile. The local goons don't give you any warning, so be sure to watch your step if you're not quite ready to engage. While snooping, you might pocket the stacks of cash behind the bar.

When you're ready to make your move, go to the room left of the main entrance, then follow the hallway backstage. Takedown the lone enemy here, scoop up some cash, then hide behind the crates until the three goons across the stage split up.

One will walk toward you, usually going around the crate to your right. Take him down, then cross the stage toward the dressing rooms. Wait until the next guard crosses toward the back door out to the parking lot. Take him down, and parking lot guard for good measure. Head straight back inside- against the far, far wall, you'll see a weapons locker with a Tac-Vest, now totally unguarded.

Time to go upstairs. Er, literally. There's a staircase just by the weapons locker- follow it up and sweep the floor, starting with the pair of goons right here. Intel View only shows you enemies you've seen, so try to peek ahead as often as possible. If you get into a spot where you think there's a lone enemy ahead of you, but can't get eyes on him, trying whistling him over.  There are a fair number of civilians hanging about as well, but they're too wrapped up in sinning to pay much attention to you.

Intel View is also handy for scooping up the scads of loose cash around- remember, it's not just about lining your pockets here- every dollar you steal is another dagger in Merle's back.

Crowbar open the rooms, and free the girls. Despite all the warnings about the drugs they're on, none of them attack you in a manic rage, though watch out for a hostile in the last girl's room.

Continue along the floor, getting a health pack from the bathroom if you need it (and noticing how even the lone bathroom window is heavily barred). The next room is larger, with patrolling guards, but the ol' whistle-then-punch-in-the-face trick works fine. Scoop up more loose cash, and liberate a high-end shotgun from the weapons cabinet, unless you prefer the trench machine gun dropped by the second guard. Either way, finish your spree by looting the main office, picking up the veritable pyramid of cash on the desk

Collectible Alert: Another sparklingly obvious Vargas Print hangs behind the desk.

Make your way out the way you came in- there should be no one left to challenge you. If you took out the parking guards, you can also take your pick of all the shiny rides in the alley.

Return to Donovan to pick up the radio. Now weapons and dealers come to you! Sammy's is just around the corner, so might as well drop off all that filthy brothel money, too. Then head back to the Voice for some more intel.

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