Mission 132 - Confront Johnny 'Two-Dicks' Peralta

Mission 132 - Confront Johnny 'Two-Dicks' Peralta

There a few entrances to the sports bar, but if you're not going to run in shooting, you'll want the locked door at the west corner.

This kitchen storage area is ambush central- with well-timed whistles you can lure about 80% of the security detail in here for a tile nap.

If you need a tacvest, head northwest into the kitchen and up the stairs there to a sniper's nest on the roof. Just the one sniper though, easily surprised.

Go down one level, outside briefly and into the room with tons of cash markers. Scoop up the cash- no one seems to seriously mind. Head to Johnny's office on the second floor- tons of cash to pocket on the way, and nobody seriously objects to you scooping that up either. Johnny's in conference with an underling- blow them away and lead Johnny into the fold.

Collectible Alert: Vargas in Johnny's office, REPENT magazine in the downstairs bar.

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