Mission 134 - Interrogate Artie's Hustlers

Mission 134 - Interrogate Artie's Hustlers

There's one just a few feet in front of you- you can see his 'Interrogate' marker from here. Slip out of the shop and into the rear alley. There'll be two goons kicking a guy to death and then one goon chatting with the informer.

Waste the goons and extract a little intel, pointing you toward one of Grant's trucks to recover.

You don't technically have to storm the safehouse here, just steal the truck. But why make two trips? Enter though a bread shop on the east side of the complex, taking out an oblivious goon here.

This site here is a lot of little interconnected spaces- the key is to keep picking off enemies that are exposed, and since each area has several angles of approach, there will always be exposed enemies. Keep an especial eye out for sentries- the convoluted layout means they can be hard to chase down.

Once the safe house is cleared, you'll have many Targets of Opportunity to destroy, cash and goodies to scoop up, and you'll have killed Artie's fence in the chaos. All good. When you're ready (and don't worry about every last dollar stack- you'll be back to this location), go to the lot and steal back the truck

The journey isn't long but you will be repeatedly ambushed by enemy cars. The real danger isn't them, but the police response these Mad Max clashes cause. If you have to, ditch the truck briefly to dive in the river until the cops lose interest, then climb back up and start again.

You'll have to destroy three cars of enemy goons before you're able to park it home.

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